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GetBack GPS for Android

Open Source Android app for finding your way back to a previously visited location using GPS coordinates.

GetBack GPS for Android v0.6

Imagine visiting a town, going to an event or doing some hiking. When finished, you have to find your car again, or the way to the station, or any other point where you started. Store a location when you start your trip, and at the end of the day, use the app to find your way back to where you started.

MainActivity, Destination set and using relative direction, portrait (0.7 - 16Jan2021) MainActivity, At destination (0.1.1 - 05Dec2013) MainActivity, no destination set (0.1.1 - 05Dec2013)

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How to get it?

The latest version is available on F-Droid. Install the apk directly from the F-Droid website, or use the F-Droid app to keep automaticaly up to date with future releases.

If you want to try out the latest development version, you can get the code from the git repository and build the current development version yourself.

Bugs and feature requests

Please report bugs and add feature requests in the issue tracker.

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You can help translating the app to your own language.

Translation status

Is your language not listed? Follow the instructions on the New translation tab on Weblate or open an issue in the github issue tracker.

Credits and acknowledgements

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